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Print Industries

Print Industries


We manufacture wide range of resins used in Toner Manufacturing for Printing Industries


For the water based ink industry, we have developed resins used in ink and overprint varnishes.

  • SPRCYL ® series consists of all ranges of molecular weight resins along with solutions for specific applications.
    • High molecular weight resins for high pigment loading, high solids dispersions used in quality inks for film, foil and paper applications
    • Mid-range molecular weight resins for gloss, resolubility and drying speed modification for use in inks and overprint varnishes.
    • Very low molecular weight resins used in high gloss overprint varnishes and label inks.
  • SPSMA ® series used in cationic systems, carbon black, and metallics.

For the solvent based ink industry.

  • SPSMA ® series give high heat resistance, adhesion to polymer films, stabilize viscosity. Also, superior dispersion stability, color development, low viscosity.


For the paper industry, we have developed resins used for sizing.

  • SPSMA® resins are ideal for paper sizing, paper making wet end.