SPCRYL HMR 45 is an economical acrylic colloidal
emulsion for use in pre-print and post-print
corrugated inks and kraft paper applications.
Key features & Benefits
-Execllent hot mar resistance
-High efficiency
-Excellent ink viscosity stability and dilution
-Excellent transfer and printability
Physical Properties
-Appearance: Semi translucent emulsion
-Non-Volatile% 44.5
-pH(25AC) 2.1
-Viscosity,(cps25) 60
-Acid Number(mg KOH/gm) 154
-Glass transition temperature(Tg) 70C DCS
-Molecular Weight, (Mw) 85,000 GPC
Neutralised letdown solution
SPCRYL HMR45 30.5parts
Water 67.0parts
MEA 02.5parts
Total 100.0 parts
SPCRYL HMR 45 is use in both pre-print and post
print corrugated inks and kraft paper applications
to maintain ink quality compare to traditiontional
colloidal emulsion.
It is allow formulating at lower solid, leading to
improve economics and efficiency.
SPCRYL HMR 45 also use to reduce the number of
let-down vehicles as it can be used as a multi
purpose let-down vehicle for highly concentrated
pigment dispersion systems.
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