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Shiva Performance Materials

Fuel Your Performance Journey with Shiva Performance.


Building Next-Generation Products with Unmatched Technological Expertise. Pushing Boundaries, Crafting Superior Solutions with Advanced Tech.

At Shiva, we create products with better technology that helps the Printing and Packaging Industries to meet specific needs for ecologically friendly solutions without sacrificing functionality and performance. Our product portfolio compromises of Acrylic Resins, Resin Solutions and Emulsions for specific Printing and Packaging applications.In addition, we also produce Toner resins and Styrene Maleic Anhydride Resins.

Our team combines of experience and dynamism people and they are ready to solve your technical challengesWe are committed to continual improvement in quality, environment and occupational and health & safety enactment and will strive for the highest standards to fulfill our responsibility towards our customers. Since initiating production in 2016, we have maintained a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction and a drive to build bonds beyond boundaries.

This has resulted in our steady growth and we have now expanded to also produce Styrene-Maleic Anhydride Polymers and UV Photoinitiators. Today, we have a manufacturing capacity of 100,000 MT per annum and offer 50+ products to 300+ customers in 50+ countries globally, with an annual turnover of more than USD 100 million. We are fully equipped and open for strategic tie-ups with global players which would involve technology transfer as well as outsourcing opportunities

Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality.

Technical Center

Raw Material Capabilities

  • DSC: For measuring Glass transition temperature
  • GPC: For measuring Molecular weight
  • MFI: For measuring Melt flow index
  • GC: For measuring Purity of solvent & monomers & residual solvent
  • VISCOMETER: For measuring Viscosity of Emulsion, Solution & Polymer Product
  • HEADSPACE: For measuring VOC
  • ANALYZER: For measuring Particle size through laser diffraction
  • Application Capabilities

  • RK Printing Proofer
  • K Hand Coater
  • Sutherland lnk Rub Tester
  • Gloss-o-meter
  • Vibro-shaker
  • Heat Sealer
  • RK Printing Proofer
  • K Hand Coater
  • Sutherland lnk Rub Tester
  • Gloss-o-meter
  • Vibro-shaker
  • Heat Sealer
  • Shiva’s Plants and operational facilities: Have a good track records on safety and loss prevention / minimization. Have the necessary facilities to treat liquid / solid waste and air emission that contain pollutants, in accordance with the requirements of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (“GPCB”). We are complying with rules and regulations of Indian Government on Health, Safety and Environment Protection.

    We are certified by “DQS Certification India Pvt. Ltd.” with the following: o ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) o ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) o OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) Fire-fighting hand appliance are provided. Work procedures and safety instructions provided. It is also found that following safeguards Personal protective equipment are in place and in use. Medical support is available to attend to occupational health related problems and supervision of trained first-aid providers.

    With rich global know-how and technological advancement, Shiva Performance is continuously gearing itself to cater to the needs of the world market. Currently, 80% of the total revenue comes from exports to countries all over the world. Now our target is to strengthen this export performance by enhancing the customer base worldwide and also by continuously increasing our product basket.


    SPRYL Product Line - Acrylics

  • Solid resin
  • Resin solutions& High Performance Dispersions
  • RC Emulsions (Rheology Controlled)
  • – Film Forming
    – Non-Film Forming
  • Colloidal Emulsions
  • Specialized Emulsions
  • Additives
  • our-operations

    SPTR Product Line - Toner Resins

  • Raw Material Preparation
  • Mixing and Compounding
  • Extrusion
  • Cooling and Granulation
  • Packaging
  • Top